Useful models and inventions

The patent attorneys of law office «Ekspert»  will prepare documents to apply for obtaining patent or certificate, describe inventions, or useful model; will conduct office procedure in the RF Committee on Patents and Trademarks and patent departments of other countries with respect to electrical engineering and chemistry, traditional technologies in the field of mechanics, biotechnology, immunology, genetic engineering, nano-technologies, computers and microelectronics, and also tele-communications, lasers, and optics. Our attorneys consult on all questions, connected with the clients obtaining reliable protection of their inventions. We possess large accumulated experience in representing our clients in the patent department of Russia and the Eurasian patent department not only at the stage of the examination of applications, but also in the course of appealing against decisions and patents. Highly qualified patent attorneys will conduct research in scientific and technical literature and patents for checking the possibility to patent an invention, and in the case of the disturbance of the rights of patent holder. Patent attorneys together with the lawyers will consult on any questions, concerning protection of the rights of patent holders and validity of patents.

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