Registering a Limited Liability Company

The basic legal enactments are as follows:

In Russia, the Limited Liability Companies (LLC), by their organizational and legal form are the most popular by the number of registered legal entities. This is explained by the advantages of the legal protection of the LLC founders, as, according to the current legislation, they bear limited responsibility, only within their contribution to the charter capital. The sum of LLC capital is not large and comprises only 100 minimal salaries, or 10,000 rubles, the charter capital can be formed by money or any property at your choice (office equipment, real estate and so on).

While registering the Company, special attention should be paid to the legal address. It should be well chosen due to the appearance at tax inspectorates of the so-call "black list" of the addresses of mass registration. This list is comprised of addresses at which ten and more legal entities have been registered. Our specialists will help you choose an address appropriate to register your Company and not being in the black list of the taxation authorities

Our specialists will provide you with legal support on all the issues concerning the registration of a limited liability company, prepare all the necessary documents and will help you register the company with the taxation inspection. You can have detailed information on limited liability company registration by the phones stated in our website. Our specialists will be always glad to help you.

The list of the necessary data:

  • Several versions of the Company name;
  • Documents confirming the presence of location (a letter of guarantee from the owner or a certificate on the ownership right);
  • Passport data of the founder (founders) or legal entity details if the founder is a legal entity;
  • Passport data of the General Director;
  • Charter capital value, the distribution of shares among the founders;
  • The main kind of activity in which the Company is supposed to be involved;