Providing Legal Address and Postal Services

Choosing and selling a Legal Address for the registration of a legal entity is a separate line of our activities. A legal address is necessary to register a legal entity or to enter amendments into the Charter documentation while changing location. A legal address is chosen at a guarantee and an opportunity for agreement prolongation. There are several factors influencing the choice of the legal entity address:

  1. proximity to the factual location of the organization;
  2. the possibility for dispute resolution at the territorial Federal Taxation Service Inspection

The most topical is chosen from among those two factors. It is good when a legal address chosen corresponds to those two factors.

Many state and municipal bodies of authority send correspondence to the legal address, and when there is no coincidence between the legal and factual address, the correspondence is, as a rule, returned to sender or gets lost. Due to this, we advise our customers to order postal services of their legal address; a postal service is necessary so that you could receive your correspondence in time.

You can have detailed information on the selection of a legal address for your company by the phones given in our website. Our specialists will be always glad to help you.