Business consultants with an 18-years’ experience of managing trade, manufacturing companies, holding specialized law degrees and of 12 years of professional experience in consulting will help you solve your problems.

To Legal Entities

  • Free legal consultations;
  • Registering trademarks, service marks
  • Consultations on the legal issues of business activities;
  • Analysis and legal examination of agreements, deals’ accompaniment;
  • Preparing a set of agreement to order;
  • Leading cases at court, arbitrage court, representation at state authorities;
  • Complex legal services to the enterprises;
  • Registration of enterprise of all ownership kinds at all authority bodies, funds, Federal Taxation Service;
  • Registration of enterprises having foreign investments;
  • Accreditation of representations of foreign companies’ affiliations;
  • Registration of shares’ emission with the Federal Service on Financial Markets;
  • Administrative resource on all the Moscow Region (registration, survey, conversion of the land plots’ designation)
  • Buying and selling of real estate

User’s Services

  • An opportunity to order the text of almost any document;
  • A 20% discount for placement of your information in the sections of the server;
  • A 10% discount for placement of a stationary button or banner;
  • Compilation of legal documents;
  • Facilitation of the licensing;
  • Registration activities;